At New Attitudes Dance Co, we offer a variety of classes for dancers at every skill level. We have programs for dancers ages two through adult! Class level and placement are granted based on availability and aptitude. For student placement, tuition and other questions, please call our office at 920-286-3455

Below are discriptions of the current classes we offer


Discover Dance is our introductory program for young dancers ages 2 to 3. In this half hour class, we experince the basics of movement with interactive music, exploratory dance, and direction-based activities. 


Petite Pirouettes is our beginning program for young dancers ages 4 to 5. This 40 minute class combines introductory elements of ballet during each class and encourages guided exploratory movement. Young dancers will learn the basic fundamentals such as movment size, transfering weight, and build a basic understanding of balletic movement, as well as classroom behavior and social skills. There are typically three sections of this class offered on the schedule. 


Ballet is a technical and traditional form of dance using French terminology to communicate movements and choreography. Class consists of exercises both at the barre and center floor which are designed to build posture, poise, and strengthen technique. Each level is developed to advance students’ education in a safe way, as well as prepare the dancer a solid foundation to build classical ballet technique. This technique is the base for many dance styles including lyrical, jazz, modern, and contemporary. Ballet is strongly recommended for jazz and lyrical students. 


Pointe is an advanced, classical style of ballet. Pointe is performed and practiced wearing pointe shoes, which are specially made to allow the dancer to bear weight on their toes. This class focusses on more advanced technique and terminology while building on previous ballet knowledge. Pointe is usually the goal of a dedicated ballet student and permission of the instructor is required for enrollment.

MUSICAL  THEATRE  DANCE (summers only) 

This fun & energetic style of dance can be seen in classic Broadway shows like 42nd Street and Oklahoma, as well as modern musicals like Wicked & Hamilton. This class integrates acting and dance as students will learn the fundamentals of studying and portray character, auditioning for roles, and various choreophy styles based in jazz dance. Great for students looking to participate in community and/or school theatre. Currently offered during summer sessions only. Join Producion during the fall session to participate in an exciting Musical Theatre-based class!


American Tap Dance is a unique genre with a rich historical background. It has various styles which can be traced back to influential decades of the 1920's - 80's. This method of dance builds understanding of rhythm, timing, and syncopation. Students will work on traditional methods, styles, and steps which will serve as the building blocks to new combinations, emphasizing specific styles and rhythm patterns.




Jazz dance is an American institution with deep roots in Jazz music and entertainment industries including Broadway & Musical Theatre. In class, dancers will focus on jazz technique such as flexibility, strength, synchronization, alignment, as well as classic leaps and turns. True to its roots, Jazz dance also focusses on showmanship and musicality which is reflected in its choreography and student expression.



This style of dance is animated and expressive. It incorporates elements of both jazz and ballet. Choreography and movement are inspired by song lyrics and/or the tone of the music. Ballet technique is still present in this dance style, but utilizes jazz interpretations and rhythms. In this class, dancers will continue ballet technique as well as jazz fundamentals. Ballet and/or jazz experience is required for enrollment.


Contemporary dance is highly expressive as choreography strongly relates to the human condition. Its movements are generally a response to emotion, thought, or idea, and encourages the audience to understand and relate through detailed, sometimes less technical movements. Dancers work on interpretation and communication through movement as well as ballet technique.


Pom is a style of dance similar to drill team. It utilizes sharp, synchronized motions choreographed to upbeat music. Each dancer uses pom pons to highlight and emphasize their precise movements and unique part of group choreography. In class, dancers work on improving their sharp arm motions as well as jumps, turns, flexibility and synchronization.


Hip Hop is a dance genre with deep roots in pop culture and street dancing. Elements of popping, locking, breaking, among others are used. This style of dance is typically performed to Hip Hop, R & B, electronic, pop, or funk music. Other variations of Hip Hop are Jazz Funk, and "New Style". Dancers in the Hip Hop program work on rhythm, endurance, strength, and group precision & sharpness. Advanced hip hop students will also encoroporate tumbling skills into their choreograped routines. 


Irish Dance is a traditional form of dancing and a significant part of Irish culture. Popularized in the late 90s by the hit stage production, "Riverdance", this folk style includes the "Reel" and the "Jig". It is performed and practiced to traditional Celtic rhythms and music. There are two styles of Irish dance which include the hard shoe and the soft shoe.  Soft shoe dancing is done wearing ghillie shoes, a soft black shoe that fits similar to a ballet slipper.  This style consists of various jumps and intricate footwork.  Hard shoe dancing is done wearing jig shoes which have fiberglass tips to enhance and emphasize the rhythms of the music.  Hard shoe dancing includes clicks, trebles, stamps, and a number of combinations of taps from the toes and heels.