Q: How many instructors do you have?
We currently have two instructors: Miss Meyer and Miss Jaeke. You can read more about their backgrounds on our STAFF page.

Q: How do I register for a class?
To register for a class, first go to our classes page to see which class you are interested in. Then go to our registration page. Download and print the registration form. Then fill it out and drop by our office at 2244 Calumet Dr. in New Holstein. We will be happy to get you signed up.

Q: If there is bad weather, how will I know if New Attitudes is going to be open for classes?
We get this question a lot because it is a great one and can be confusing. Our weather policy is if school is canceled that day due to weather, then we will be closed as well. You can read more about our weather policy on our Weather Policy page.

Q: Do you put on an annual performance?
  Yes.  Each May, NADC holds it annual Spring Performance showcasing the classes and students enrolled in the Fall Session.  Each class will participate in an age-appropriate number choreographed by their instructor in stage costumes approved by both the instructor and the director. You can read more about the annual performance here.