NADC Policies


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for ballet, jazz, tap, poms, overall technique, or other areas of interest. A student can receive individual instruction and attention for evaluation and improvement of their current skills, or be introduced to a new style. Private lessons can be scheduled for a 30 minute, 45 minute, or one hour session. NADC requires a 24 hour notice in the event of a cancelation. Please contact us for pricing, scheduling, and other details.

Classroom Etiquette

NADC strives to be a positive place for dancers to grow. In order for all of our students to reach their goals, classroom etiquette is needed. NADC operates on a “three strike” policy. Proper classroom behavior is to be exercised and the following will not be tolerated: cursing/swearing, disrespecting the instructor and/or other students, distracting behavior, and physical altercations of any kind. After the third offense, the student will be removed from class and their future attendance shall be reviewed by our director. Our instructors reserve the right to remove any student they feel is in violation of proper behavior at any time from class.